Cashback Forex


Take advantage of the Cashback offer, you will get a refund of commission on each closed position. In order to join the Cashback programme you need to register your account on our website.

Afterwards you need to click on the Brokers section located on our website and select a broker which suits you best. We cooperate only with brokers enlisted in this section. Please read carefully each brokers offer.

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Once you have selected a broker, click on the banner located below their description at the bottom of the page to move to the official website of the selected broker, where you need to open a real account. The next step is to send your documents to the selected broker in order to confirm your identity, and then transfer funds to your account. After completing the process please send us your client number.

Commission will be charged on each closed position, it is not necessary to close positions at 1.0 lot, the minimum value on which the commission is charged is 0.01. You can add any amount of funds to your account provided that the amount is not less than what is required by a given broker – we do not require adding greater amount of funds than required by the broker.

If you already have opened an account with one of the brokers and yu would like to take advantage of the Cashback offer , you just need to click on the banner located on our website and open another account with the same broker. You can open and keep several accounts with the enlisted brokers without having to send additional documents. The rates are presented below. Closed positions that are smaller than 1.0 lot will also be settled, proportionally to the 1.0 standard lot pattern.

Commission is payable within 25 working days of the following calendar month, the due date being the 25th day of each month. Cashback applies to real accounts only.From us you will receive Forex Signals. Please provide your active e-mail address so that an account activation link can be sent directly to your e-mail address.Should you have any further questions please contact us.